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Questions that are common about the Directory and listings. The UK fishing industry has been badly hit after Brexit, and the new trade deals that nobody was prepared for. Developing new markets will be very challenging and make it more important than ever that the UK exports.

The country depends to a large extent on the financial sector. The politicians are always talking about trade deals and how the UK will have deals with everybody. But you need to have something others want to purchase. If the answer to a question is not provided here, send us a message.

A free listing in the Local Seafood Directory is a small but important first step to bring products and services to the attention of buyers around the world. If you catch or sell seafood only in the UK, a new market must be developed. Latest article on the UK seafood Industry

Other countries will be able to sell their fish products to the UK. Get ready for the challenge? Let the Seafood Directory help with your international marketing and promotion. It is free.

General Questions with the answers

Basic Information

1. Registration is the first step. The plans available are a free listing or paid versions.

2. The free version has everything required to promote a business.

3. Select a plan.

4. A detail member dashboard with full instructions is next.

5. After reading the basic instruction, click on the button on the bottom of the page.

6. Here details of the business are added.

7. All applications must be manually approve before activation

8. This Directory is only for UK businesses.

A good description is vital

Without a good description, a listing will not be found when customers search for a product or service. We suggest a description contains about 300 words, describing the business and services provided. A company name is important in the description.

Google searches a website for information to index, our search facility also allows potential customers to search for a supplier in the UK Seafood Directory. The better the description, the more chances of being found.

If you need help writing a good description please send a quick email

Company Logo

To show correctly in the Directory, a company or business logo needs to be 1200px wide. If you have a logo and do not know how to change its size, send us the image and we will do it for you, for free. Request logo mod here.

Listings boost sales

More than 84% of consumers say they trust online business reviews as well as individual recommendations when deciding where to shop. Customers also trust recommendations from people they know.

Reviews and ratings, as well as responses from business owners, help companies manage their reputation and track their scores. The result is an understanding how consumers locate a business, interact with products and web content and ensure a business reaches the right customers.

Listings have the opportunity for customers to leave their views and comments, these are indexed by search engines and add to the credibility of a business.

Developing new markets after Brexit

This is a new Seafood Directory and more answers will be added as the Directory it is used more.

A free listing in the Local Seafood Directory is a small but important first step to bring products and services to the attention of buyers in the UK and around the world. If you sell fish products and only sell in the UK, now with new trade deals, other countries will be able to compete in the UK.

Let the Directory help with your local and international promotion. It is free.

Suitably selected partners are vital to sell and market  seafood products and services. An agent has knowledge of the local market conditions, and if any special requirements are needed. A good example is language versions on a local website.

A free listing makes it lot easier to locate partners.