Promoting a website. The quick and simple way. Do it NOW.

Promoting your website free of charge.

Everybody knows good quality marketing can cost a lot of money. Promoting a website for free in this dedicated UK Seafood Directory is the best bargain available. Unfortunately somebody has to make the effort. This is the business itself.

This Seafood Directory encourages every business operating in the sector to join. There is no catch, no creditcards, only benefits. The main benefit is being seen where customers look for suppliers.

Google is good at promoting a business

This is true, but only if somebody makes the effort. Unfortunately with both Omicron and Covid-19 creating problems. The loss of many European customers, and the cost of creating new markets. Many businesses have limited all expenditure that is not necessary, to survive.

If there is a small budg…

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Help the Climate, Now

Climate Change and the seafood industry

With COP 26 starting shortly, everybody is talking and discussing what action should be taken with the Climate Change all around us, and in reality what is going to change.

Your Fish and Chips are at risk

Most of us do not associate fish and chips with climate change. But this will have a large impact on the UK fish stocks and the industry. The industry has produced this video which goes some way to explaining the effects of climate on fishing.

If you would like us to promote your seafood business, submit articles or videos, please use the contact form to send details. Full copyrights are acknowledge. We only use approved material media.

The Fisheries Charitable Trust supports a wide range of projects. A good …

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What are On-line Fishmongers

Fishmongers or Supermarkets, your choice

The number of UK Fishmongers has been decreasing over the years for a number of reasons.

Possibly the 3 main reasons are:

Supermarkets.Public appetite for fresh fish.High costs of location where people shop.

A Fishmonger is a person that sells fish, and has a long history dating back to the thirteen hundreds. Also known as a Fishwife. The most famous is the well known Molly Malone. This statue is located in Dublin and is the song about Molly Malone.

In Dublin's fair city, where the girls are so prettyI first set my eyes on sweet Molly Malone.As she wheeled her wheelbarrow through streets broad and narrow. Crying cockles and mussels alive a-live O!

A-live a-live O! A-live a-live O!Crying cockles and mussels alive a-live O!

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Samphire ideas for cooking, eating and preserving.

Samphire, sometimes called Sea Beans, Salicornes or Glasswort

Samphire growing in the UK has a short season. So time to take advantage of this lovely edible sea vegetable. Known as the "Asparagus of the sea". Recognised as a Superfood. I was lucky enough to purchase some excellent Samphire from a on-line Fishmonger. Samphire has many memories for me, so obtaining near perfect quality, brought those memories alive.

Wells-on-Sea was the source of many memories, and much has changed. Samphire is the one memory that has stayed with me. Buying 3lb, wrapped in old newspaper, bringing home to wash and wash, and then cook quickly, separating the stork from the lush green texture. Eating warm with vinegar, salt and pepper. Fantastic. Now getting old, I wanted to relieve that experience again.

There is plenty of information and resources on Samphire, so befor…

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Do you want free marketing for your business?

Free marketing for your business

Yes, free marketing. What's the catch? there isn't one. This is a new UK seafood Directory providing a free listing service for all types of businesses within the seafood sector. We would like to make the Directory more interesting for visitors. So we invite people and companies to submit articles and stories for free publication in this Directory.

What are the benefits and costs?

No costs. The benefits come from the article being read, and the quality link we provide that goes directly to the contributors website. All copyrights are respected and acknowledged. The more links a website has, the higher the contributors website is shown in Google search results. More quality links, higher page ranking.

Every website would like to listed in the top page, obviously not possible unless it is paid for, or a lot of e…

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UK Coastal photographers wanted, right now

Coastal Photographers welcome

Local coastal photographers can join this Directory. This is important as it provides a visual record of people, local customs, changes to the local area, etc. All that is needed is a website with an address on the coast. This is good for promotion of an area, and helps everybody.

Photographs of local harbours, the fishing industry and history, all tell a story. Have you got a story to tell? A free listing provides all the necessary information to promote a local business and support the local area. The Directory is new, so become an early member and benefit from the Directory promotion.

A Directory is only as good as the businesses and people that join. If you care about your work as a local coastal photographer, the Directory is a good place to be seen. Membership is quick and easy. No credit card information needed, w…

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A UK Seafood Directory is important

Dedicated Directory helping local businesses

Directory searching. People search in many different ways. Using business names, types, product, location, etc. etc. Unless a business makes the effort, it will always find it hard to compete with larger firms with a marketing budget to be found in Google.

Being a member of a dedicated Directory helps most businesses being found. One reason is that Directories are always changing as new members join, Google loves change. Collectively it makes sense to be seen where customers go.

Use a different search engine

Never keep using Google as a search engine, when checking on how a business is performing it the result pages. Why? Because Google know a lot about search and also about people. Using a business name or product for a search, Google knows what you want, and gives you what you want, so over time y…

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Local seafood from the UK

Introduction to the Local Seafood Directory

During a hard winter, lost for something to do, I looked at the UK fishing industry after Brexit and was shocked at a number of failed businesses, and lack of an industry wide UK Seafood Directory. This is my hobby, following on from a couple of other successful business focused Directories.

I have no connection to, or have every worked in the seafood sector. So maybe that is a good reason to start with an open mind and just ideas. This Directory is free to all involved in the industry. So join up, have your free marketing page and be part of the UK's local seafood Directory website.

Small business in for example Norfolk, can promote the cockle sector, or Cromer crabs, or in season, samphire. There are opportunities to have an article published for free, on anything to do with the industry,or history. Never…

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