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The Seafood Directory covers all the coastal counties of the UK.

Uniting fishermen, fish handlers, fishing fleets, processors, harbours, history and local recipes in one Directory.

Our best seafood


There are so many different and exciting shellfish varieties available from all around the UK.


From Shetland Mussels, Colchester oysters, Essex cockles, to Norfolk Samphire.


Many are available on-line, best is the local fishmonger.


Britain’s most popular fish is the Cod, as in fish and chips. Most Cod is imported.


Top fish catches in 2019 were, Mackerel, Herring, Whiting, Haddock and Cod.


Mackerel caught, was double the amount for Herring.

Many types of local seafood

We welcome local seafood recipes

There are many methods to cook fish, shell fish, prawns, langoustine, etc.

Many recipes have been past down through generations. You are welcome to have your recipe publish at no charge. Just join, it is really that easy.

Top Locations.



Cornwall is noted for it’s weather, humour, Cornish Pasties and seafood.

Never forget it’s ancient history, tin mining, King Arthur and clotted cream.

Both north and south coasts have a variety of fishing harbours.



The river Forth joins the North Sea here, also known as the Firth of Forth. The area has a thriving fishing industry. Main catches are Mackerel and Herrin.


Pittenweem is an active port and has a fish market most mornings.


Norfolk is noted for the Cromer crab, cockles, samphire and the Norfolk Broads.


It used to be the centre for Herrin in the early part of the 20th Century, and employed thousands of people.

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